Scientists Say This One Superfood Could Reduce The Effects of Aging! *

Could this actually be the world’s best anti-aging agent? Let’s be honest, getting older sucks! …Old father-time makes its presence known by altering various aspects of our bodies. Wrinkled skin, age spots, greying hair, reduced muscle mass are a few of the appearance changes aging brings about… …Internally, it affects your vision and hearing, memory,…

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An Athlete’s Guide to Aging Gracefully

One of the most wonderful parts of being an athlete is when your sport becomes not just something you do but something you are. You go from running to being a runner, from climbing to being a climber, from cycling to being a cyclist. This kind of intimate relationship with a sport (or any pursuit, really) can…

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Why cohousing could be the answer for aging baby boomers | MNN – Mother Nature Network

In a recent post, Why the future of housing should be multifamily and multigenerational, I mentioned cohousing, which was started in Denmark primarily by young families as a way of sharing resources like childcare. Katheryn McCamant and Charles Durrett summarize it in the title of their book “Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves.” As…

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Raw Honey: The Liquid Gold with Unique Antiviral, Anti-aging & Anti-Cancer Properties

Often times, raw and organic honey is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ due to its astonishing healing properties, i.e. antifungal, antiviral, restorative, anti-aging, and anti-cancer. Unstrained and not warmed over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, this honey is rich in good chemicals, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. All of these substances play a major…

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